We Love Tangled

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winternightsandfairylights asked: Hi there :) I am a HUGE Tangled fan - probably the biggest you will ever find :P Anyway, I wanted to know if you could post a picture of Flynn and Rapunzel about to kiss on the boat at the end of the 'I See the Light' performance :) It's soooo romantic and beautiful, and I would love to add it to my archive :) Thanks a million - love your bloggie :D It's amazing <3

Sure thing, here you go!

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tooshyforwords asked: Could you post a screencap of the king and the queen, with no other major characters? I am noticing a distinctive lack of such content. Thanks!

You’re totally right! Oh my, let me fix this real quick!

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Anonymous asked: Hey ! I was wondering if you could post a picture of Flynn's scared face when he looks at his hand after Rapunzel sang at the camp fire scene ? And by the way , I totally LOVE your tumblr ! You're the best ! :)

Thank you! And here is the picture.

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Anonymous asked: Hi, could you post a screen cap of when Rapunzel asks Flynn who he is and how he found her? I love her facial expression and how she's got the frying pan ready. XD

Sure, here you go!