We Love Tangled

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heartxofxmine asked: Could you please put some screen shots of the lanterns, without any people in the picture? Just, the lanterns everywhere? Preferably where you can see them reflecting in the lake as well? :-)

Well, that’s a tough one! There’s usually Rapunzel, Flynn or both in the shot as well. How about this one?

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arniearns16 asked: Btw, may I know what font you used in your header with the words "We Love... and Pascal too!"?

Oh, sure! The font is called Argos and you can download it here.

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arniearns16 asked: You're blog is the best Tangled blog ever :) :">

Thanks a lot arniearns16, I’m happy you like it!

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caitlynshaina asked: i love love love this blog:)
so happy i found it<3

Thank you caitlynshaina! I hope you’ll enjoy the blog even more in the future!